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Prompts for the Creative Writing Competition

Prompts for the Creative Writing Competition

Kennesaw Mountain Newspaper Club is hosting a creative writing competition—and the winner receives a free yearbook, so if you would like to possibly save some money, you should definitely consider entering. Your story will be featured on the Mustang Messenger, so if you would like to show off your talent, definitely consider entering a submission!


If you are struggling to find some ideas or inspiration for writing, I have provided some prompts for creative short stories and poetry you could possibly submit. Remember, you can also write an essay or news article if you desire, but I have not provided prompts for those. Good luck and I cannot wait to see what everyone writes!


Short Story Ideas:


Create a dystopian society where all forms of art and creativity are banned. Explore the journey of a rebel artist trying to bring creativity back into the world.


Write a story where a character is granted the ability to bring fictional characters to life. What happens when they accidentally bring a villain into the real world?


A lonely lighthouse keeper on a remote island starts receiving mysterious messages in bottles, leading to an unexpected adventure.


A teenager discovers a hidden room in their attic filled with letters written by their great-grandparents during World War Il, revealing a family secret.


Write a story set in a post-apocalyptic future where the last library on Earth holds the key to rebuilding civilization.


Tell the story of a time traveler who accidentally changes a seemingly insignificant event in the past, leading to unforeseen and disastrous consequences in the present. (If you’re looking to incorporate a moral in your story, this could be an example of the butterfly effect!)


In a world where people can communicate with animals, explore the life of a wildlife conservationist who forms a unique bond with a rare and endangered species.


In a world where dreams are bought and sold as a form of entertainment, explore the life of a dream detective who must solve crimes within people’s dreams.


Write a story about how an individual got tricked into a trade they thought was going to change their life. Include how they lived with losing what they traded and the emotional effect of not receiving what they asked for.


A person who recently lost someone they love dearly keeps dreaming of them—and becomes so obsessed with dreaming and sleeping that they hardly ever leave the bed because of how much they love to dream. Write about how they get dreams entangled with reality, and how it affects their ability to interact with the outside world.


Poetry Ideas:


Write a poem inspired by a childhood memory that is special to you.


Create a poem that delves into the symbolism of a particular color (or multiple!) and how it relates to emotions or experiences.


Write about what “home” is, and  whether it’s a physical place or a feeling of belonging (or how it’s both!) If you want, you can write about how friends, family, and validation make you feel at “home.”


Describe the sensation of feeling lost and lonely in a giant world (or another way you can go about it—being alone in a city full of millions of people) and the search for connection in a world.


Write a poem that celebrates the small, everyday moments that often go unnoticed but hold profound significance. (Or random acts of kindness!)


Explore the theme of transformation, whether it’s the growth of a caterpillar into a butterfly or personal growth and change.


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