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Special Opportunities: GA Tech Distance Math

Special Opportunities: GA Tech Distance Math

GA Tech’s Distance Math Program is an online course provided for people that have exhausted all math programs at KMHS and are prepared to take post-AP course. Participants can take linear algebra and multivariable calculus in Year 1, then later take applied combinatorics and differential equations in Year 2 (if they pass year 1).


What to expect

Year 1 is a mix of asynchronous prerecorded lectures and 2 50-minute live (but recorded) classes on Mondays and Wednesdays with all homework and resources being given online. Though test dates are given at the beginning of the class, the tests themselves are not proctored. Midterms and final exams, however, are proctored. Here is an outline of the course’s concepts:

  • Linear Algebra: The study of linear equation systems and matrix properties. Prepare to deal with a lot of theoretical and multi-dimensional information.
  • Multivariable Calculus: The study of functions with multiple independent variables. Prepare to deal with vectors, matrices, parametric curves, derivatives, multiple integrals, geometry, and graphs in both 2- and 3-dimensional space.

Unlike Year 1, Year 2 is completely self-paced with pre-recorded lectures and no live classes. Exams are proctored and group projects are common. Here is an outline of the course’s concepts:

  • Applied combinatorics: The study of counting and arranging with algebra. Prepare to manipulate combinations of discrete numbers.
  • Differential Equations: This course applies the laws of differential equations to STEM. Prepare to understand how many natural phenomenon connect to differential equations

Year 1 is typically harder to get into as an admission rate of about 77%. Since entry into Year 2 requires people to pass Year 1 first, it is much less competitive with an admission rate of about 94%. This is not to say that Year 2 is easy, but it is good to know all the facts.


Application Timeline

May 15 – June 15: Apply with a link of the admission page, which will open on May 15.

June 15: Send school transcript that includes spring semester as well as ACT, PSAT, and/or SAT scores. Note that the following factors are considered.

  • Course rigor: It is recommended to take at least 5-8 AP classes
  • Grades: Try to have at least a 98 in your classes. The minimum GPA is a 3.5, but a range of 4-4.46 is very strong.
  • Need: People that have less math options, meaning they have finished or almost finished all math courses in KMHS, are more likely to be accepted.
  • Score Reporting: Self reporting is allowed, but upon admission, official scores must be sent through Collegeboard using Georgia Tech’s code: 5248. It is recommended to get a 1410-1540 on the SAT and/or a 32-35 on the ACT

July 10: If taking Year 1, submit AP Calculus BC score.

July 17: Admission results come out. Some enrollment documents are required post-admission. Refer to the webpage to see which ones pay apply to you.

August 1: First day of the course. All scores and documents should be submitted at this time, or expulsion from the program is likely.


For more resources, access the following links:

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