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Mustang Softball: The Quest for Columbus

Mustang Softball: The Quest for Columbus

Madison Caren, Student Life Editor January 23, 2020

Every year, the Lady Mustangs softball team has made it to the state playoffs. However, a spot in the coveted Elite 8 tournament in Columbus, GA is what the girls have their eye on. They think they have...

K-Side Kanines

Jessie Thomas, Freelance Writer January 23, 2020

Kennesaw Mountain’s K-Side Kanines recently embarked (yes pun intended) on its first volunteer opportunity for students to help with the organization “Road Trip Home”. Their nonprofit mission...

Rare Butterfly Making a Come-Back

Rare Butterfly Making a Come-Back

Amanda Pena, Freelancer November 21, 2019

  On the peninsula known as Palos Verdes in Southern California, a butterfly named Palos Verdes blue, which is considered to be the rarest and most elusive butterfly on the planet, rests on...

The Court of Public Opinion Versus

Rego Jaquish, Editor at Large April 26, 2019

In 2017 the entertainment world was rocked by a mass of sexual abuse allegations against some of its most powerful members. In the center of all this was the #MeToo movement, a social justice campaign...

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

Coach Mayr and the Moon Landing
Danielle Kirby, Student Submissions Editor March 6, 2019


Varsity Girls Volleyball Spike to Success

Varsity Girls Volleyball Spike to Success

Addi Goede, Freelance Writer December 11, 2018

The Lady Mustangs concluded their 2018 season with a 31-13 record, making this the third year in a row finishing with a winning season. Mr. Michael Loyd, Kennesaw Mt. High School counselor and dedicated...

Marching Band: A Different Form of Commitment

Marching Band: A Different Form of Commitment

Makalani Jefferson, Freelance Writer December 5, 2018

I remember in the middle of the marching band season, Corey Futrell, one of the band directors,  sat the whole band down and told us, “You don’t have to be here, but you are and that puts you ahead...

DECA - A Pathway to Success

DECA – A Pathway to Success

Huzaifa Akmal, Freelance Writer November 30, 2018

Are you still looking for an engaging and exciting club to join for the 2018-2019 school year? Look no further than DECA. Mrs. Fiechtl, Kennesaw Mountain’s business teacher and the DECA sponsor, said...

Staff Profile: Coach Josh O'Kelly

Staff Profile: Coach Josh O’Kelly

Justina Tucker, Reporter October 12, 2018

New to the KMHS staff this year is history teacher and wrestling coach, Mr. Josh O’Kelly. Mr. O'Kelley grew up in Acworth, Georgia-- right down the road from Kennesaw Mountain High School. O'Kelley graduated...

The Importance of Career Tech Classes

The Importance of Career Tech Classes

Caleb Lewis, Managing Editor August 25, 2018

Alongside the great academic options available to students, KMHS offers many fun and interesting Career Technology classes in 9 fields, including Marketing, Construction, AVTF (Audio, Video, Technology,...

Environmentalism's Last Straw

Environmentalism’s Last Straw

Why Banning Straws Won't Solve Anything
Nicole Joy Balawon, Managing Editor August 10, 2018
Following Starbucks' ban of straws, many governments and companies have enacted their own bans. While banning straws is a step forward in saving our oceans, it is not enough to impact the world fast enough to prevent climate change, especially when examining what there is to lose when banning plastic straws.
Protesting: Do You Have Rights?

Protesting: Do You Have Rights?

Libby Kunst, Student Life Editor May 18, 2018

The recent school walk-outs for gun control reform have sparked conversation at KMHS. I heard some laments and political musings about the NRA, but I mostly just encountered frustrated students sick of...

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