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Preparing for the Digital SAT


The days of the paper SAT are officially over, and it is time for a new form: the digital SAT. This new format will have some major structural changes compared to the paper SAT, which in turn, affects how to study for it.



To take the test on a device, Bluebook must first be downloaded on it. The link to Bluebook can be found on the Collegeboard website for the digital SAT. On the app, full length practice tests are available. If full length tests are too hard at first, practice problems sorted by topic can be found on the updated Khan Academy SAT prep website (which no longer has its interactive features).

Planning a good test day is instrumental to a high school. The confirmed test dates are March 9, May 4, and June 1, while the anticipated test dates are August 24, October 5, November 2, and December 7.


Reading and Writing Sections

In contrast to the separated Reading and Writing sections on the paper SAT, the digital SAT two modules that combine the subjects. Rather than having one long article for eight questions, each question will be accompanied by one or two short paragraphs. Furthermore, the test will be much shorter: 27 questions and 32 minutes per module.

Question types might range from writing-section typical grammar correction to analysis of the author’s purpose to formulating concise sentences based on a list of notes. Due to the stark difference between the old and new SATs, it is not recommended to practice with old paper SAT practice tests.


Math Sections

Like its ELA counterpart, the Math section is made of two modules that combine both the non-calculator and calculator portions of the old test. The majority of the test can be completed without a calculator, but a graphing calculator is allowed on every question. Additionally, the free response questions have a larger range of answers with negative answers and 6-digit numbers (the negative sign counting as a digit) being allowed. Like the ELA sections, the math test will also be shorter: 22 questions and 35 minutes per module.

Unlike the ELA test, the math test could be studied with paper SAT tests since the individual question structures are very similar.



While a new test format may seem overwhelming, the new style may have many more benefits – tests will not take as long (and neither will score sending), ELA questions will no longer rely on sifting through a long article, and math questions can quickly be solved on calculators. Though the paper SAT will be missed by some, the digital SAT should not be underestimated.


For more information about the test, check out the Collegeboard website with this link:

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