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Lady Mustangs Teacher Appreciation night at the mountain!


Sarah Adams (10) plays volleyball against Cherokee


The varsity and JV teams had a teacher appreciation night in their 2023 season, while also having a home region match against Cherokee JV playing 2-3 sets and varsity 3-5 sets Each girl was able to pick a teacher that they believe they looked up too and was able to bond within the school and show their appreciation with cards and roses.


Interview with coach Prochaska:

Q: What is the goal for your program this year?

Prochaska: “The goal for this is we re-establish unity within the program so our varsity and JV teams become closer. We have big and little sister programs between varsity and JV so I am hoping to bridge the gap between them so it is a smooth transition when girls move from JV to Varsity, also that the girls know they have a cheerleader on the team representing them at all times who can support them in their schooling and their athletics.”

Q: What is a pre-game tradition you like to do?

Prochaska: “Me and my assistant coach like to go into the office and hype each other up! We talk about our lineup and are strategies for what Plan A Plan B and Plan C are, then we bring the best most positive energy to the court!”

Q: How long have you been coaching?

Prochaska: This is my seventh year coaching volleyball!

Interview with Coach Russom:


Q: What is the goal for your program this year?

Russom: “My goal is for my players to come out better individuals than they were before”


Q: What is your favorite memory?

Russom: “My favorite memory is when Natalie is on the court because she is super, and she is a great leader!”

Russom: “My second favorite memory is when Abby got a block on a 6-foot-tall hitter from the opposing team!”


[“I was also able to ask every player and coach their favorite pre-game meal and they all agreed on Chick-fil-A being the winner!”]


Interview with Cydney Burnett and Tess McBride

Q: How long have you been playing volleyball? ( McBride & Burnett )


McBride (#6): “ I’ve been playing volleyball for five years.”


Burnett (#15): “ I’ve been playing volleyball for five years now.”


Q: What is your favorite memory


Burnett and McBride: “Last year when Milana’s wig fell off during a game!”


Q: What is the goal for your Team this year?

Burnett: “ To go out and have a big impact on our region.”


Questions for JV and their teacher of choice with Coach Fisher and Adrianna, Mr. Hansen and Gaby, Mrs. Stanley and Haley


Q: Has your student impacted your life? How is she in class?

Coach Fisher: “Ever since day one Arianna has come into homeroom and has been a complete joy.

She’s full of energy, she is always willing to help and take things to the office for me. She has a lot of friends, she’s social, and she can be a little bit of a knucklehead sometimes but it’s in a loving way. But she is a very good person and I think she’s going to do great here at Kennesaw Mountain.”


Mr. Hansen: “In the class, Gaby is the best student any teacher could ever want. She’s smart and she super smart and she comes in every day and does amazing.”


Mrs. Stanley: “I taught Haley last year in honors algebra and she was super driven at first it was rocky, but she fought through freshman year and all the challenges and locked in and did very well as the semester went on. She definitely made strides throughout the year.”

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