Encode Justice GA Essay Contest (CASH prize)


About Encode Justice
Encode Justice is a global organization fighting for human-centered artificial intelligence (AI). We champion informed AI policy through political advocacy, community organizing, educational programming, and content creation. The Georgia chapter of Encode Justice is tackling data privacy along with algorithmic justice. We believe in order to have informed AI policy, digital privacy and rights must also be protected.


Their Goals
The Georgia Chapter aims to encourage students to think critically about the growing prevalence of technology in our world. We launched an essay contest with the goal of advocating for measures in Georgia such as reintroducing and gaining public support for the Georgia Computer Data Privacy Act (GCDPA). The bill introduced important data privacy rights to Georgia residents.


Summary of Process
Participants will be given three prompts to address from the following categories: algorithmic bias, digital rights and privacy, and a combination of the two. While these prompts have national visibility, the participant will need to personalize their response to either themselves, their community, or the state of Georgia. Contestants will be blindly judged with a rubric on personalization, prompt consistency, and argument.


Rules and Eligibility
● The contest will be restricted to participants who attend a Georgia high school or are homeschooled in Georgia and have yet to graduate with a high school degree.
● A submission must be strictly 500 words or less (ie. a submission with 501 words will be disqualified)
● Submissions must include 2-5 reputable MLA citations that will not be included in the overall word count
● Must have a title
● All submissions will pass through algorithm detection
● Submissions must include a parental or legal guardian contact info if under 18
● Submissions must be entered before the deadline, 11:59 EST on 04/30/2023


Prize Money
1st Place: $250
2nd Place: $150
3rd Place: $50


● Awards are dispersed as a Visa gift card or direct deposit
● Award amounts are dependent on the number of submissions. Each submission is associated with $10 of the award amount. If X is the number of submissions, the first-place winner will win a minimum of either 10X or 250.
● Submissions will be judged with a rubric and the judges’ discretion


If you have any further questions or need clarification, contact Encode Justice at [email protected].