Student Portfolio: Aysia Alford (12)


“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.”
― Émile Zola

Aysia Alford is a senior at KMHS whose passion lies in artistic expression. Aysia has participated in art classes since her freshman year and has continued to grow and develop her talents under the supervision of our amazing art teachers, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Stein. While she prefers digital design, she has a wide range of talents using pencil, mixed materials, and paint. Aysia prioritizes an authentic lifestyle by always expressing herself in whatever manner she pleases, which then gets translated directly into her artwork. Her main hope is that at least one person can feel connected to and be moved by her art.


Please enjoy the following interview and art pieces from Aysia Alford.

Interview with Aysia Alford (12):

Q: What piece are you most proud of? Why?
Alford: I could never really choose a favorite art piece of mine. They are all personal to me and very important to me. I think they show my skills as an artist and my mind.


Q: It seems like your art always has a hidden meaning. Can you tell us about your artistic process to achieve this? 
Alford: I paint my emotions and how I feel. I paint when I’m usually bored or sad or feeling creative.


Q: Is art a hobby for you or do you want to pursue it full time?
Alford: Art is a hobby for me on the side. I would love to pursue it if I am able to make money off of it. I do plan to start art commissions or even paint commissions.



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