Hispanic Heritage Month 2022


For many people, the day of September 15 may not have a lot of meaning, but to many Hispanic people around the world, this date has significant meaning. On September 15 1821, the five countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras declared independence from Spain. One day later, on September 16th, Mexico declared its independence from Spain, with Chile following 2 days later on September 18. The Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15 to October 15, to celebrate this time of independence. To most of us, Hispanic Heritage Month helps us have an opportunity to be proud of our diversity and helps us have pride in our culture, and to share our rich customs with other people.

One way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in our school is by coming to a HOPE meeting. HOPE is the Hispanic Organization Promoting Education, a club which aids in helping high school students with planning for college and life beyond high school. HOPE has a monthly meeting that anybody is welcome to attend. So be sure to check when the next meeting is and make sure to come! (And look out for the delicious free food!) Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!