A Blast to the Past

A Blast to the Past

After over 18 months of non-traditional schooling and many, many, events canceled due to COVID-19, Mustang Spirit is back, and stronger than ever. Starting off with a creative and costume-filled spirit week, flowing into a spirit-filled pep-rally and a win against Pope High School, and finally finishing off with a glimpse into life 100 years ago, Kennesaw Mountain High School’s homecoming week has been anything but uneventful. For a brief but unforgettable time, Kennesaw Mountain resembled 1920’s nightlife, with beautiful dresses, food, and a lively dance floor.

Kennesaw Mountain’s altered exterior was the first thing guests were met with, and the outside captured the aesthetics of the Roaring Twenties almost perfectly, complete with wanted posters and a sign that read Speakeasy. A hole in the bricked wall led to the inside of the school, where the wanted posters led guests into the courtyard. In the cafeteria, a display of refreshments could be found across from the photo booth (located at the Mane Link desk) and lights, balloons and banners were placed around the room. Boards, painted by Mane Link and Art Club, that represented aspects of theatre, music, dance and art from the time period were positioned across the back of the cafeteria, making for perfect pictures. 

Several individuals who I was lucky to spot aligned their outfits with the theme, some dressed almost identical to how the men and women dressed in the time period. The ladies dressed with feathers in their scarves & hair and glitter in their dresses, and the guys wore suspenders with their sweater vests. Even though most of the student body didn’t dress in theme, Kennesaw Mountain’s mustangs were serving looks all throughout spirit week and especially Saturday evening, with elegant dresses and suits among the student body. Additionally, all 12 ladies on the Homecoming Court could be spotted throughout the night with their sashes, most notably Mia Clark, 2021 Homecoming Queen. 

1920’s nightlife was known for its lively music, dance, and conversations, and the Homecoming dance certainly mirrored this characteristic. Guests were gathered in groups under the tent in the courtyard, jumping with hype during faster paced songs and slow dancing with their friends and dates during slower paced ones. Others rested by the tables, eating, talking, and singing from a distance while enjoying the evening with their peers. 

The togetherness and community that the mustangs displayed not only during the dance, but throughout Spirit Week proves that Mustang Spirit has never faded nor failed. Now that we’re back to a semi-normal way of schooling and COVID-19 restrictions have been loosened, Kennesaw Mountain events are going to be bigger and better, and with the support of each and every student, the Kennesaw Mountain mustangs will continue to bring in win after win.