Is It Rocket Science?

This 2018-2019 school year, Kennesaw Mountain High School’s science department accomplished amazing and incredible things this year. From studying with NASA to a teacher of the year award, the science department deserves many kudos for their hard work.

Among thousands of high school teachers across the country, twenty eight were chosen by NASA to study earth and space through a high powered telescope. Two Kennesaw Mountain High School teachers were among those selected: Mr. Berkil Alexander and Mr. Philip Matthews. Both teachers will be working with NASA on the Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy, also known as S.O.F.I.A. Following the end of their work, the teachers will have the opportunity to take two twelve hour flights on the plane. Both teachers are very excited for what this opportunity means for students at KMHS, with Matthews commenting that “[being] able to share that with my students is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

In a more local setting, Ms. Chelsea Sexton, the current AP Environmental Science and Advanced Scientific Research teacher, was recognized as the Georgia High School Science Teacher of the Year. Sexton was evaluated by the Georgia Science Teachers Association (GSTA) through a competitive application process and was honored to have been selected for this award.“I just feel so lucky to have had the mentors and support over my short time teaching and to be recognized for such a great accomplishment,” Sexton said. Sexton will be pursuing a PhD in Science Education at the University of Georgia this fall and has received the prestigious College of Education Research Scholar Award for a fully funded program.

Finally, Mr. Weston Jessup recently received the Yearbook Dedication for the 2018-2019 yearbook. Jessup, who teaches both chemistry and physics, was nominated and voted on by both the student body and faculty. He is known for his helpfulness and kindness from students and teachers. Congratulations to KMHS science teachers for their outstanding accomplishments.