The Importance of Career Tech Classes


Alongside the great academic options available to students, KMHS offers many fun and interesting Career Technology classes in 9 fields, including Marketing, Construction, AVTF (Audio, Video, Technology, and Film), and Computer Science. These programs are great for students that want to experiment with possible careers they’d like to pursue after high school and can even help them find potential college majors and job opportunities. Starting as soon as freshman year, students can take up to 4 Career Tech electives per year in whatever field they’d like.

There are so many benefits in taking Career Tech classes. For example, many of these classes offer industry level certifications, like the Microsoft Office Certification in Word and Excel for business students, the Adobe Premiere Pro certification for AVTF students, the OSHA Safety Credential for construction students, and the Georgia BEST Certification for marketing students. These classes also lead to opportunities in clubs like DECA, the National Technical Honor Society, and Skills USA. Additionally, if you complete a certain number of Career Tech classes within the same field and take an end of pathway test, you complete that career’s “pathway” and receive a graduation cord at the end of your senior year. Although the number of classes required for pathway completion is usually 3, many career fields have more classes available to students. This means that students can continue their studies in a certain career field even after completing the courses necessary for the pathway.

Just like students in the KMHS band or theater programs, career tech classes have tight knit communities of students passionate about what they do. Because of this, many students get to interact with other students they wouldn’t normally meet in other circumstances. Even if you don’t necessarily know what field you’d like to join, chances are, there’s a career tech class for you. The wide variety of career tech classes at KMHS and the benefits they offer are just another reason why it’s always a great day to be a Mustang.