The Best Part of High School

Win or lose, still pretty trill.


Archelle Thelemaque, Student life editor

It’s true when they say that the best parts of high school tends to occur outside of the classroom setting. Most probably cannot recall what Unit 2 of their World History course consisted of, but if you were to ask what they remember about the field trip to the aquarium in the 10th grade, they could spend 10 minutes talking about that one day.

At Kennesaw Mountain, students have an infinite amount of opportunities that could potentially become “the best part of high school”. For some, it may be the time that they helped with the Special Education Dance. For others, it may be the time they scored the first goal of the soccer game. However, for many students here at the mountain, Friday nights are their best high school memory for one reason and one reason only. Football season, baby. From September to November, whether you are cheering in the stands, or playing on the field, there is always a place for you in the Mustang Stampede. The combination of bright stadium lights, and eardrum bursting music seems to be the perfect mixture to make everyone leave a game with a story to tell. The Mustang Student Section never ceases to amaze the alien eye. When that opposing team walks in and sees a congregation of youth all dressed in uniformly in white, green, or black, you see a family that is prepared to cheer their boys on to a victory, not an enemy here to chastise your team. Whether you are standing next to your best friend or that kid that sits in front of you in math, by the end of the night, it’s guaranteed that you and that person will always have that memory to share. We cheer together, we laugh together, and sometimes, we even cry together, but in the end, that Friday night is your memory to keep for all the days to come.

Being a Mustang is more than coming to school and wearing the school colors when instructed to do so. You have to feel it in your heart that this school, this 72 acre high school is where the best four years of your life happened. It doesn’t matter if the “best part of high school” wasn’t Friday night football games, what matters is at the end of it all you can look back at Kennesaw Mountain High School and say “Those were some of the best days of my life”.