Chalktoberfest 2022


(Drawn by Denver Johnson, a 12th grader at Harrison High School.) 

Remember how you would draw with chalk all over the track during recess as a kid, or how you would get in trouble for drawing during class, and your teacher would take your drawing for no reason? Well, the kids who did both in elementary school are super talented now. Just in case you live under a gigantic rock, Chalktoberfest took place October 8th through the 9th in Marietta Square. It’s a festival where many local artists of all ages and some schools come to compete in drawing with chalk. On the sidelines, local businesses and restaurants open stands and tents to sell many things like their food, handmade crafts, and jewelry. Local talent would also appear to perform near the fountain, like local bands, singers, and dance studios. 

I happened to be at the fest on Sunday morning with my group (which was performing before the drawing started.) Afterwards, I got my Starbucks drink and walked around to look at some of the amazing art pieces that people had already started the day before. The art was colorful, diverse, and sent powerful messages without a single word being said.

Though magical, it wasn’t all about the arts at Chalktoberfest. It was also about the “arf”’s too! (Corny, I know.) There were endless dogs at the square. From poodles to Dobermans, and all breeds in between, I couldn’t get enough of these furry friends. Chalktober is definitely an event worth checking out yearly. The artists may stay the same but new batches of art always come around. Looking at what kind of beautiful artwork people can make with just some chalk will never ever get old.