Interviewing a College Student, Percy Ackerman


As high school students, it can be scary to think about college. So, I interviewed a college student who was involved in theater and color guard here at KMHS last year, Percy Ackerman. Percy is a freshman at Young Harris College and is involved with many arts programs. Here were Percy’s responses to the interview questions:


Question: How was the application process?
Ackerman: “Not majoring in musical theater, so it was a normal application. There is a very different process for people majoring in musical theater, including auditions”.


Q: What were your criteria for choosing a college?
Ackerman: “A small school with a community in the mountains.”


Q: Do you regret your decision?
Ackerman: “No. Young Harris College wasn’t my first choice, I happened to end up there because my first college fell through. You end up where you need to be.”


Q: What is campus life like?
Ackerman: “There’s always a lot going on. Even at a small school we do a lot more than you’d think. There’s always a lot of activities going on at campus and you meet your people fast and find where you’re supposed to be. If you stay in the know and go to activities, you’ll be fine.”


Q: How hard are your classes?
Ackerman: “Freshman year, classes aren’t super difficult. It seems easy but there’s a lot of reading outside of class. You have to do homework. It’s hard.”


Q: What are you studying and what is your major?
Ackerman: “Psychology. Classes are the gen-ed classes. Intro to psych, intro to comp, art appreciation, dance and choir.”


Whether you are a senior, junior, sophomore or even a freshman, I hope this interview helps you with your college search and application process (and maybe even your nerves too), as you venture into your life after high school.