The Correlation of Entertainment and Music


This year’s show and movie collection so far have been peak entertainment, but with these great shows and movies comes with amazing soundtracks. There are three major examples of unique soundtracks that perfectly enraptures their films.

  1. Batman (2022)

Starting with the first superhero movie of the year, Batman (2022) and its most well-known song “Something in the Way” by Nirvana has grabbed the attention of many fans is both genres. This is an example of a song that describes the entire film and portrays the character generally. This song being the only pop culture related song the entire movie doesn’t only make it stand out, but it also conveys a certain emotion. This movie shows a very dark and sinister feeling, almost making the movie feel eerie in a sense. “Something In the Way” being paired with the current Batman movie was a genius move. They play this song near the beginning of the movie and at the end, which sort of moves the story, making you think that it isn’t over yet.

  1. Bel-Air (2022)

The reboot of the hit 1990s show, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, takes a darker and more mature spin on the original show. Bel-Air brings life to more relevant topics such as sexuality, anxiety, etc. The soundtrack describes the scenes shown during the show by using popular R&B and rap songs in the show, also separating it from the original. This show is an example of using current music selections in a reboot instead of using music from the original show. They used two songs, “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill and “No Role Modelz” by J. Cole, that relate to the shows and primarily describe it. The Bel-Air soundtrack is by far a favorite due to its diversity and enjoyment.

  1. Bridgerton (2020 – present)

The fictional period romance that seems to have everyone’s mom in a trance also has a phenomenal soundtrack. Though this isn’t the first time that modern music has been orchestrated for film, the way that Bridgerton uses it is appealing. From “Stay Away” by Kurt Cobain to “thank u, next” by Arianna Grande, it was different seeing the different types of music show and how they used it to show the mood and tone of the current setting. This is an example of using current music selection in a show based in a different time period. Overall, Bridgerton is a phenomenal show, with a phenomenal soundtrack.

These three examples of music and entertainment being correlated shows how a soundtrack can make a film or show better and ultimately 360. With this, think of music used in film and shows and the way it makes a difference, giving the story a deeper meaning.