The Importance of Campus Clean Up Days


Would you like to make a difference in the world that lasts a lifetime? Solve the climate change
crisis or end world hunger in one fell swoop? Maybe even be the hero of your own harrowing
tale of self-discovery, and save your community from the clutches of evil? Hmm…so maybe
you’re not sure exactly where you would even start any of those goals, but would you still like
to find a way to positively impact our community and school in an attainable way? Well, your
call to adventure has been answered with… KMHS Campus Clean-Up (CCU) days.

Kennesaw Mountain High School prides itself on the selflessness of its students, by constantly
encouraging student leadership, volunteerism, community outreach, and character building.
KMHS has hosted many events to help shape the future generation of impactful leaders in our
world. Our school is essentially a reflection of the types of people in the KMHS family and, for
years, many students and faculty members needed a meaningful way to give back to the school.
With the supplemental need to further improve our school in an environmentally benefiting way,
it is no surprise that Campus Clean-Up days were quickly implemented as the perfect solution.

By volunteering at CCU days, students and faculty have the chance to improve KMHS facilities
and maintain tidiness and cleanliness on campus. Presented as an opportunity for students to gain
volunteering and leadership experience, our monthly campus restoration allows the members of
KMHS to be an active part of the school and show pride in their community.

After school on CCU days, students meet as clustered groups to clean the different sectors of the
campus. Students work in teams, cooperate, and dispose of the collected trash in the proper
containment. By the end of the event, the campus is tidier than before and better reflects the
school’s positive environment.

In the past few months, there have been a variety of positive long-term impacts that seem to be
attributed to our increased involvement in volunteering and outreach events, and specifically
CCU Days. Among these impacts are an increase in environmental awareness, civic skills,
community involvement and participation, and even an improved overall optimistic disposition
within the school.

In many ways, our campus has been improved by the combined efforts of Kennesaw Mountain
High School students, faculty, and staff. And this is just the beginning of the ever-increasing
volunteer efforts. So, if you wish to make a positive impact but are not sure where to start,
consider helping to clean up our school by getting involved in the next Campus Clean-Up Day.
And remember… even picking up just one piece of litter can set us on the path to creating
constant, impactful, and positive changes in our world every single day