Junior Year Sucks

Junior Year Sucks

Earlier this year on July 31st, 2017 my fellow peers and I entered what has been collectively declared the most stressful year of high school – junior year. From college prep to stepping it up as the big dog on campus, it’s quite daunting to transition into that mentality – one that focuses so intently on the future and what current actions may alter it.

And then there’s if you’re in a magnet school. My personal experience as a magnet student has felt like a blurry ride on a rollercoaster, with different twists and turns, highs and lows, parts where I’d vomit and other parts where I’d scream like a madman.

It feels as though ever since two years ago, on that first day of freshman year, I’ve just hit the ground running, aiming for rigorous courses and competing with my peers for best in the class, and it’s all been nonstop – that is until now. Junior year feels like the slow crawl up the incline – your heart is a drum beating loud in your ears, the hairs prick and a chill goes down your spine, and your stomach bottoms out with a feeling of dread.

That anticipation, that fear and anxiety. Where were they the years before? Why is it now suddenly so real?

Even now, reflecting on just what’s happened this entire year, everything has felt like it’s passed in the blink of an eye. There are 10 more days left of junior year. 10 more days left to keep fretting and worrying over everything before it’s finally real and tangible. No, not even that. I have an appointment for senior pictures and that’s going to hit me so hard once it finally settles in. These feelings of dread I have to face the future, if you’re also in this same situation – albeit if it’s a bit earlier than mine – it seems quite common.

For me, watching my closest friends graduate and hearing about my childhood best friend going to college back in the Philippines, it’s surreal and it’s daunting to be left alone to finish a year. But, I’m not quite alone. There are dozens of kids feeling this way and it’s not something to be afraid about, it should be something to galvanize action.

Take that worry and channel it into something worthwhile this summer. Volunteer, explore, go on an adventure – ease the worry and take a breath. Worrying prematurely will just sap the joy out of your summer and while it’s fine to think about the future, it’s not okay to let it consume you. Junior year sucks, but senior year will be better.