PUBG: An Exceptional Battle Royale Game

Back Story

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, or for short PUBG (pub-gee). Is a multiplayer game that starts out with 100 players parachute onto an island. The main objective is players fight until the death with only one left standing, while there is a hazardous blue electrical zone pushing players closer together like a giant trash compactor of actions. The Battle Royale, or Hunger Game genre, has been around for many years. PUBG was design by Brendan Greene who use to be a part of the Arma 2 team that came up with the early stages of the top play battle royale game H1z1 of  2016. When PUBG was first released, it sold more than 50 million copies and it currently has 400 million players. It received the award for Best Multiplier Game of 2017 by Golden Joysticks.

Game Play

Most of your playing time will be running to reach the blue safe zone and dodging players or fighting with them. Players are only likely to get a handful of kills per match. The advanced graphics bring a vibrant realism to the gameplay.

The game is a basic death-match, but amped up to a huge open world where vehicles, items, and gear are scattered at random. Despite the aesthetic, the game doesn’t attempt realism. Health bars are adequate, damage is balanced, and bullets go wherever you aim. At the end of the match you will always be in a different location on the map thanks to the blue circle. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds was the best Battle Royale title for the year of 2017, and remained on top until Fortnite hit the market in 2018.