Halloween DO’s and DON’Ts: Costume Edition


With Halloween coming up in just a few short weeks, it may be time for a rundown of which costumes are actually a hit or miss this year. Of course, there’s the classic ghost, skeleton, witch, or fairy. You can’t go wrong with superheroes like Spiderman and The Hulk, or iconic Disney princesses like Cinderella and Tiana. Even the fan-favorite villains get some special attention this time of year, with popular costume choices being Maleficent or The Joker (which has been on the rise lately. By like, a LOT). But with the classics and favorites there are bound to be some costumes that we just need to learn to let go of (RIP).

After attending the most recent football game against the Harrison Hoyas (which we won- Go Mustangs!), seeing that the theme for the night was “western” was more than amusing. Even though the stands were filled with cowboys, cowgirls and calf wranglers, the KMHS kilt squad took the theme’s meaning to a whole different level. With green kilts and cow-print painted torsos, they really put the ‘cow’ into “Holy cow, that’s couture”. That’s always an entertaining costume for the Halloween season. Not all costumes have to be scary, sometimes outfits can just be funny and amusing.

On the other hand, some costumes NEED to be retired once and for all. An example of this is any costume that has anything to do with making fun of any race, religion, belief, or other characteristic. Even something as simple as a historical figure can be offensive if portrayed the wrong way. It is crazy that this even has to be said but being that there is an entire movement for equality and push for more accurate representation going on right now, there should definitely be more consideration for others when choosing a costume on Halloween day or an outfit at any other time of year. Someone’s struggle and/or culture should NEVER be used for entertainment or as a spectacle without considering how others may feel or be affected. This same golden rule can be applied to any other costumes that mock the characteristics of any person including gender, orientation, ethnicity, disabilities etc. It’s important that even on a fun-filled holiday like Halloween, we continue to respect others and treat them as we would want to be treated ourselves.

At the end of the day, you could go to every costume store in America, every costume store in the world even, and you wouldn’t find the thing you were looking for because the only costume that fits you is what you think makes you shine. Make sure it counts though, because you only get this chance once a year! Happy Halloween 🙂