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Why2K Fashions

Fashion choices and trends over the last few decades have been both revolutionary and regretful. From the 2020 VSCO girls with their Birkenstock sandals and scrunchies, to the 2010 scene with kids and their crazy dyes, crimping, bedazzles, and raccoon tails. This includes one of the most iconic eras of clothing, found in the early 2000’s, which is no exception. Fashion icons like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Hillary Duff really set the mark on what was totally in, and what was so not fetch. Of course, many trends are already making their way back into the fashion scene, like Juicy Couture sweat-suits and flared jeans. But of course, with the good, must come the bad.

There were a lot of trends in the early 2000’s that would make anyone say, “What were they thinking?” Honestly, nobody has any clue. One of the more iconic though still questionable trends at the time was layering. You know, putting three to four tank tops on top of each other and throwing a denim jacket right over it all? Yeah, that kind of layering. Was it cold all the time? Were there mosquitos everywhere? Nobody will ever know why everyone wore so much clothing back in the day.

Another trend that easily comes to mind is low-rise jeans. Now, in 2022, the jeans we wear are always worn high over our hips, but low-rise jeans never even make it close. Made to sit right under your hips, this design probably seemed like a great idea at the time. The execution was, overall, not so great though. Imagine wearing low rise jeans all day long? People would constantly worry about their underwear showing all the time.

The last trend that needs to see itself out the door were those mini handbags everyone had. What was even the point of those bags? They’re so small, they’d only be able to hold your flip phone, and maybe five dollars if you’re lucky. Sure, they were cute, and it was all for the aesthetic back then, but we’re talking functionality here. There’s nothing functional about a handbag the size of a rat that forgot to stick to its diet.

To reiterate, there’s good and bad in every era of fashion, but the early 2000’s may have had the some of the most controversial fashion choices of them all. At least fashion has evolved since then and has moved on to simpler styles and looks that anyone can enjoy.