Our Slim Win at Corky Kell


Friday, August 19, marked our second game of the season. Our Mustangs and K-Side spirit bus traveled to Rome, Georgia to play against the Cass High School Colonels at the 31st Corky Kell invitational. This was our first time being invited and everyone was excited. From the spirit bus students’ point of view, with it being our first spirit bus event since pre-covid, the spirit bus provided an outstanding dinner and a fun ride with kids from across the student body. Once everyone arrived, the long-awaited game finally began.

The Mustangs started strong, with us landing the first touchdown at 7:16. However, it wasn’t much later when the Colonels got their point, tying with Cass 7-7 to end the first quarter.

Our second quarter is when trouble came crashing through. The rain was starting to come in along with the Mustangs and the Colonels gaining on each other back-to-back. A touchdown from both sides and a team safety on our side still had us on the upper side. But as the rain came, Cass also showed out with a pass and a failed rush. This ended our 2nd quarter with the score 19-16.

With the rain pouring down, both halftime performances were rained out, and we were left soaked and pondering about our teams win. But we never lost spirit.

As the 3rd quarter came and the sun came back, the Mustangs came back strong with another touchdown. At the end of the quarter the colonels followed with a scratched pass putting the score at 25-23.

Now, the tension was high for the last quarter. The Mustangs got a field goal at 9:11, putting the score to 26-25. The tension on the field and in the stands amplified. But our Mustangs persevered and kept the Colonels busy long enough for the time to run out and establish our win! The spirit section cheered and rode home reminiscing this slim, yet incredible win for the K-Side.