Mustang Football’s Incredible First Playoffs Season


The Kennesaw Mountain football team had high hopes for this season. They had a great team and great coaches and were ready to make this season special. They went and did just that, winning all but one game during the regular season, giving our football team their best record ever. No one saw this coming as in the past our football team never had a notable record, but we only lost one game, and this record put us in the state playoffs, as well as making us region champions

The hype for the playoffs was immense. It was the first time our team has ever made playoffs, much less being region champions, so our school held many events to celebrate making it to the playoffs and promote attending the games. We had 2 separate pep rallies before the first playoffs game, one of which was on Fox 5, an Atlanta area TV station. Being featured on TV had the whole school excited for the game which would be on Saturday, November 13th against the Lanier Longhorns. Our football team practiced a lot during the week to make sure they would be playing at their best for this important game, and they were as excited for the game if not more than everyone else.

The time for the game came and the hype was immense. We went up against the Lanier Longhorns for our first playoffs match. They were a great team, but our team was more than ready to take them on. With a hyped-up student section and many other people in the stands cheering for our team. The game started and was neck and neck for the first half of the game, with both teams trading touchdowns and field goals for a halftime score of 21-15 with Kennesaw mountain in the lead. After halftime our team was revitalized and really got on a roll, making a final score of 49-21, winning by a whole 28 points, and moving us on to the next round of playoffs.

The school was ecstatic that we won our first round of playoffs, and we now had the next match to look forward to against Westlake high school, which had one of the best football teams in the state. the odds were against us as Westlake was statistically the better team, but we all recounted how we had beaten the odds at many other points in the season such as beating Allatoona, a huge win for us during the regular season. Our football team continued to practice and was training harder than ever to win this week’s game. We were nervous but excited for what this week’s game held, which would be on Friday, November 19th.

Game time came again, and everyone was as hyped for the game as ever. The stands were filled with people coming to support our team and they were confident as they went out onto the field. Our opponents, Westlake, were ready and hyped as well with a decent crowd supporting them as well. Both teams were good, and it wasn’t going to be easy for either team. The first half of the game was a close one, with Kennesaw taking the early lead, but by the end of the second half, Buford had inched out a lead with a half-time score of 14-10. Then things took a turn for the worse as when Buford came back from half-time, they were better than ever, able to overpower our defense and hold off our offense preventing us from scoring again while they scored 4 more times to get a final score of 45-14, marking the end of our playoffs run.

While the season may be over now, it was one of our best football seasons ever and had many great moments and games to remember and we even made it to the playoffs for the first time and made it to round two. Our football team did amazing this season and their achievements deserve to be celebrated and remembered. This season is one that will not be forgotten and will always be remembered by our school as one of our best football seasons ever.