Homecoming Game Victory!


With the 2021 football season ending soon, the homecoming game was a vital part of not just our school’s reputation, but also our school spirit. Garnering a massive turnout, students and visitors alike gathered in the stands on October 15th to support our Mustang football team.

After our team’s slew of wins throughout the season, many people had no doubt this would be another victory for Kennesaw Mountain. However, Pope High School’s Greyhounds would not go down without a fight. Both teams started strong, leaving us with a score of 7-6 in the first quarter. In the second quarter Pope quickly scored another 11 points, our Mustangs scoring 0, sticking us with a score of 7-17 just in time for halftime. Morale was low in the student section, with some people left wondering if we would lose our own homecoming game. Yet, the game was only halfway through, and most were still hopeful.

When asked what turned the game around, player Dylan Morehead, a sophomore, said, “It was in the locker room, at halftime. There was a lot of energy, so we really came together, and overcame adversity.”

And overcome adversity they did! Our Mustangs pulled through in the third quarter and scored two touchdowns, giving us a score of 21-17. With this, morale was at an all time high, support pouring from our stands. Our team held steady and kept the Greyhounds at bay for the fourth quarter, leaving the final score as 21-17. Junior Carter Kraetsch, who was at the game with friends, said “it was deserved and hardly fought for.” This Mustang victory served as a great example of what Kennesaw Mountain High School can achieve when focused.

Former football manager Sydnee Jordan McCloud, a senior, had this to say about the game: “Even though in the first half we thought the Greyhounds were going to take the win, the Mustangs fought hard to take back the last two quarters. It felt really good being able to see my Mustang football players win.”