Volleyball is Going to State!


2022 Varsity Volleyball Pictured from left to right: Charlotte Cole, Ivana Coker, Elle Whitfield, M’Ryah Messias, Emma Gillis, Cydney Burnett, Camryn Michel, Milana Thorton, Emily Maddocks, Pheober Whitaker, Jahneya Reynolds, Brooke Rowlette

“Our determination got us here. There have been many moments where we all wanted to give up, but we didn’t. We fought, and we will keep fighting to the very last point.” – Brooke Rowlette, Junior


KMHS students and staff, please join us in congratulating the 2022 Varsity Volleyball team as they travel to state next week! Ranked second in the region with a 4-2 record, the girls will have a difficult bracket ahead of them but are feeling confident in their talent and abilities.
View the interviews below and remember to congratulate the players in the hallways!


Interview with Coach Prochaska:

Q: This is your first year at KMHS. How are you enjoying the teaching and coaching environment thus far?
Prochaska: I feel honored to be joining the Mustang Family! The environment here has been extremely welcoming and positive. I have enjoyed watching my students and athletes successfully extend themselves beyond their comfort zones.


Q: Tell us about your team this season! What do you think they have excelled at this year?
Prochaska: Varsity Volleyball is an extremely talented team. The players have excelled at extending these talents to build individual improvements, which in turn drives elevation of play for the entire team. For example, tough offense demands tough defense, tough serves require tight serve receive, etc. so individuals rising to higher expectations in turn benefits the game-like play for the entire team.


Q: Making the state playoffs is an incredible feat! How do you plan to approach your difficult games ahead?
Prochaska: Captains Cam Michel (Senior) and Cydney Burnett (Sophomore) constantly demand an “All In” mentality from our team. In every team huddle we discuss the importance of locking in and staying focused through our effort and communication. We read the competition during warm-ups and discuss strategies. Maintaining this focus is imperative for competing in State.


Q: Are there any areas that you think the team needs to continue to work on/grow in prior to their first game?
Prochaska: Mental Toughness- even if we make a mistake or get behind in the set, we cannot get down on ourselves because we then play down. It isn’t over until 25, as we must fight for each opportunity to get up.


Q: Does your team have any pre-game rituals that you do together?
Prochaska: Ivana Coker and I usually have a dance competition in a team moshpit, followed by our secret handshake.


Q: Any special recognitions that you would like to make or thank (team members, other coaches, school personnel, community members, etc.)?
Prochaska: Shout out to Coach Russom for being the wind beneath my wings this year as I transitioned in.

Interview with Brooke Rowlette (11) & Tess McBride (11):

Q: Tell us what you love most about being on the KMHS volleyball team. 
Rowlette: The people and the environment that surrounds them! I consider my team my family and we all get through the wins and losses together. I’ve created such a strong connection with each of my teammates and couldn’t ask for better people to be on my team.
McBride: The team never fails to let me down. Whenever I have family problems or just a bad day at school, I know that as soon as I get to practice, I’ll be surrounded by people I can confide in.


Q: Congratulations on making the playoffs! In your opinion, how did you get here? 
Rowlette: I think that each and every person on this team has the skill to be able to make it this far. With that being said, I believe it was our determination that got us here. There have been many moments where we all wanted to give up, but we didn’t. We fought, and we will keep fighting to the very last point.
McBride: Even though we may have had a rough start to the season, I think that we’ve made it this far by creating our own chemistry and beginning to trust each other. We were skeptical at first, but with lots of practice, we began to create our unique chemistry that makes us the team we are today.


Q: What is your pre-game ritual?
McBride: We usually go into the girls’ locker room, bring the biggest speaker we have, and start to get hyped-up before we go to our bus. The bus rides are filled with laughs, crazy 8’s, and occasional screams from Ivana asking the music to be changed.

Good Luck, Ladies!!