Cabaret and Coffee


If you have a talent to showcase, Cabaret and Coffee is for you!

Cabaret and Coffee is the best place to display any talent, from singing, to acting, to juggling. In the past few years, it has been difficult to put on, but the directors and Ms. Jacobson did it. It seems scary, having to perform in front of people, but once you are up there, the nerves are gone.

Whether you have a monologue you want to perform, a song you have perfected or even a dance number, come to auditions on August 30th and 31st, in room 905. The students who have performed in the past have been extremely talented and creative. There was a harpist one year, and a ballet dancer solo another. Theater experience is not needed.

As well as participating, anyone who would be interested in seeing a show with free coffee and desserts afterwards, is encouraged to come! It is a great time, and you have the opportunity to meet people involved with fine arts, or just new people. There’s always a fun time and the food is delicious.

If you are interested in auditioning, check out @kmhschorus on Instagram. Be sure the act is school appropriate; for vocal auditions, be sure to have a backing track. The directors are extremely excited to see the acts and put on an amazing show!