The Mustang Messenger

2017 – 2018 Executive Staff

Morgan Alwardt

Editor in Chief

Morgan Alwardt is a senior in the KMHS magnet program. She plays travel ice hockey for the Kissimmee Lady Vipers and plays tennis for KMHS. Morgan loves the Bruins, Red Sox, and Patriots and is hoping to attend Boston University when she goes off to college. She enjoys listening to classic rock and is also a huge Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fan.

Kristy Nguyen

Kristy Nguyen is a Managing Editor for the Mustang Messenger. Kristy is a senior magnet student at KMHS. She is also a part of National Honor Society, Mane Link, HOSA, and Toastmasters here at the Mountain. Kristy intends on majoring in Biology in college and pursuing a career as a surgeon. Kristy is a fan of caffeine, chocolate, and Netflix.

Meredith Johns

Managing Editor

Meredith Johns serves as the Managing Editor of The Mustang Messenger, which is fitting because she has nine news apps on her phone. Her hobbies include reading about politics, talking about politics, and annoying her friends about politics. Meredith enjoys being involved in too many clubs, having too many leadership positions, and taking classes she cannot handle. She hopes to one day be a public servant in D.C. and in the meantime she tries to be a public servant for Kennesaw.

Nicole Joy Balawon

Managing Editor

Nicole Joy Balawon is the Managing Editor of the Mustang Messenger. She joined the Mustang Messenger as a sophomore in 2016 as Student Life Editor. In her junior year, she was appointed as Editor at Large and oversaw the . As a senior in the Academy of Science, Mathematics, and Technology at Kennesaw Mountain High School, Nicole is often busy with studies, but finds enough time to be an active member of multiple clubs, holding leadership positions in several, and contributes to the community through volunteer work. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, attending social activism events, and reading science fiction novels.
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2017 – 2018 Executive Staff