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Aaron Smith - News Editor

News Editor

Aaron Smith is a student a magnet student at Kennesaw Mountain High School. He enjoys school and seeks knowledge in as many fields as possible. For example, he has taken many classes involving many different fields of study from Culinary to Biology and Chemistry to Literature. He is currently interning at Kennesaw State University under the Computer Science and Information Technology departments. He is performing research with an EEG reader (reads brain wave signals from the human brain). He plans to attend KSU in the Fall of 2018 after graduating from KMHS in Spring of 2018. He loves to write about many things from the serious topical news of the week to the not so serious reviews of television and movies.

Shanzeh Faheem - News Editor

News Editor

Shanzeh Faheem is a senior at Kennesaw Mountain High School. Her interests include parliamentary debates, writing, keeping up with molecular biology theories, and discovering underrated novels. Shanzeh aspires to be the President of the debating society of Pakistan and to work with World Wide Fund to save the planet. In her free time she likes to make Nutella mug cakes, discover lost music from the 80s, and watch House of Cards.

Hank Tatum - Sports Editor

Sports Editor

Hank is a Sports Editor for the Mustang Messenger. He is a freshman at KMHS. He loves sports, and his favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Braves, and Atlanta United FC. He swims and plays tennis. He enjoys listening to music and one day hopes to be a sports broadcaster or criminal lawyer.

Layla Parsa - Entertainments Editor

Entertainments Editor

Layla Parsa is a Junior in the KMHS magnet program. She shoots for the KMHS rifle team and is a member of structural engineering club, civil engineering club, and pond club. She hopes to attend Georgia Tech after high school.

Jabari Banks - Entertainments Editor

Entertainment Editor

Jabari Banks is a Junior at Kennesaw Mountain High School. He loves to write and enjoys helping others. He hopes to major in Mass Communications and hopes to attend UCLA or USC. Other hobbies include hanging out with friends, playing video games, and reading.

Caleb Lewis - Entertaintments Editor

Entertainments Jr. Editor

Caleb Lewis is a junior at Kennesaw Mountain High School. During the school day he is involved in Spanish and Audio Video Technology and Film courses. Whenever he's not at his part time job, he can be found at the movies seeing the latest blockbuster, skipping the top 40 to listen to an unknown artist, or rummaging Netflix for a black and white movie.

Kylee Frazier - Entertainments Jr. Editor

Entertainments Jr. Editor

Libby Kunst - Student Life Editor

Student Life Editor

Libby Kunst is a senior in the KMHS magnet program. She attended the Governor's Honors Program for communicative arts in 2017 and is published in the teen literary magazine "Teen Ink".  Libby enjoys playing the viola, writing poetry, watching sad movies, and reading works by George Saunders. She is hoping to attend college for neuroscience next fall.

Jaylin Roach - Student Life Jr. Editor

Student Life Jr. Editor

Jaylin Roach is a senior at Kennesaw Mountain High School. She is apart of an Audio, Video, Technology, and Film class at her school. She later wants to further her education and obtain her bachelor degree with a Film/Video Production major. Besides being an editor for her school's newspaper, she partakes in other clubs such as FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America), Equality For All, and Men and Women of Distinction. Jaylin loves going out whenever she gets the chance, whether that be to a concert or just exploring all of her surroundings.

Victoria Folayan - Opinions Editor

Opinions Editor

Victoria Folayan is a senior at Kennesaw Mountain High School. She's involved in Chorus, Equality For All, FCCLA, and Men and Women of Distinction. Victoria hopes to major in Political Science, and eventually attend law school. She enjoys debate and keeping updated on current events.

Ashley Ayala - Opinions Editor

Opinions Editor

Ashley Ayala is a regular sophomore at Kennesaw Mountain High School. She regularly finds herself enjoying creative things such as drawing, writing, singing, and animating. Ayala's main goal is to become a successful General Surgent by getting accepted into UGA and then transferring to Emory. Despite her desired main goal, she still plans to practice her hobbies and, when the time is right, create her own animated TV show.


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