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Editorial Policy

The Mustang Messenger is the student newsite of Kennesaw Mountain High School. In an effort to maintain journalistic integrity, professionalism, and accurate reporting, the following policies are in place.

Editorial/Opinion/Pro-Con Topics: These topics are selected and researched by the staff member who will write the piece. All approval and responsibility for these topics lies solely with the editorial staff.

Letters to the Editor: Members of the KMHS community are invited to submit letters to the editor in an effort to have their opinions heard. Any letters submitted MUST be signed in order to avoid false submissions. All signatures will be verified through a phone call and/or interview. However, those submitting letters may request anonymity. Anonymity is granted by the editorial staff when deemed necessary. Letters to the editor must be no more than 250 words. If a letter exceeds that length, the editorial staff will contact the letter-writer and inquire if they wish for the letter to be published as a story by a contributing writer.

Limitations: The Mustang Messenger reserves the right to limit submissions or letters to the editor which are not within the ethical standard of the publication.

Plagiarism: It is the policy of this publication that NO work containing plagiarism will be accepted. Plagiarism is defined as knowingly submitting someone else’s work while claiming it as an original piece. Submissions found to have plagiarism will NOT be accepted.

Comments: The online format of The Mustang Messenger allows readers to comment and share opinions on individual stories at any time after they are published. All comments are read and approved by an editor or adviser before being published on the website. Anonymous comments or comments with links are not permitted.

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Editorial Policy