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Mustang Wrestling

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There are many sports at Kennesaw Mountain High School, but there are none quite like wrestling. This is a sport where you have to have an innate desire to win; you can’t just walk out on the mat and expect to win just because you’re stronger or have more experience. This is a sport where champions are built on work, grit, and determination; you have to commit your time, your body, and your heart to the sport if you want to become the best you can be.

The KMHS wrestling team has a history as one of the hardest working teams in our area, and that has not changed even as the team’s lineup changes. According to senior Colin Woodham, “We have about 30, 35? A lot of kids.” 30-35 is a lot of kids for a wrestling team, and it goes to show that as time goes on and our team proves itself successful, it becomes more attractive to athletes willing to commit themselves to the sport.

Of those athletes, none have proven themselves more than the senior captains. They are a minority on the team, but they serve as the leaders and examples for the rest of the team to follow. With the end of their final season approaching, the pressure is on for them to finish out the way they want. Senior Jordan Richards has some clear goals in mind: “I plan to be county and a region champion, along with either a state champion or state placer.”

As the seniors complete their journey, new wrestlers start their own. As of now, the team consists of a lot of new kids who have not wrestled before. As Coach Morrison put it, “A lot of younger kids have stepped up into some big roles and won a lot of big matches for us.” He went on to say that, “There’s room for a couple of these freshman and sophomore kids to step up, and the junior class stepping into their role next year is really exciting as well because we have some individuals who have been wrestling for a long time.” These younger kids will form the next generation of Mustang wrestlers, and they will get the chance to prove their abilities in the coming years.

Wrestling is one of the toughest sports we have. It is hard, it is fast-paced, and it is physically and mentally draining. But for the athletes on the Kennesaw Mountain High School wrestling team, it is more than just a sport. It is a part of their lives. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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