Kennesaw Mountain Students Start a New School Newspaper

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Aliya and Christiana viewing “The Mustang Messenger”


Christiana Akinosho and Aliya Meadows, seniors, with the help of English teacher Ms. Aughey and principal Dr. Trachtenbroit, have started a new school newspaper, The Mustang Messenger, for Kennesaw Mountain High School.

How did you guys come up with the idea to start a new school paper?

Christiana – “Last year during open house my parents came and told my AP language teacher, Ms. Aughey, that I wanted to be a journalist and go to the Grady School of Journalism at UGA. Then, Ms. Aughey mentioned how she wanted to start a school newspaper and that I could be editor-in-chief, so she told me that I could do this for a semester long project and it grew from there.”

Aliya – “Christiana brought me along on the project to be co-chief editor and we worked on the semester long project together during that semester and we’ve grown the paper from there.”

Ms. Aughey- “At the same time that Christiana and Aliya were conceiving of a school newspaper, Aydan Mufti, a junior had the same idea. He had approached Dr. Daniel, the previous KMHS principal, who passed on the idea.  Sometimes school newspapers are contentious.  When the idea was proposed to Dr. Trachtenbroit, we outlined the idea that we would represent students and their interests with integrity.”

Tell me about the approval process for the project.

Aliya – “Ms. Aughey asked for approval for the paper from Dr. Tractenbroit, the school principal, and he supported the project and even funded the purchase for the website.”

Ms. Aughey- “Dr. Tracht has been very supportive. He loves our advice column already!”

How did you guys recruit members?

Christiana – “When we were doing our project, Ms. Aughey, helped get the news out on all the school’s announcement systems and we setup the first meeting and gave out information and created an interest list and then went from there.”

Ms. Aughey- “We also had a spot at the club fair and are still taking reporters. We have a lot of photographers but with unlimited space we can publish almost any piece of student writing within our rigorous standards.  We have an information bulletin board in the 300 commons area. Send stories and story ideas to [email protected]

What is your vision for the future of this paper?

Aliya – “I want to create an integrated calendar across the entire school. I think that once we get that a lot of students will begin reading it regularly and relying on the paper for the school’s events.”

Christiana – “I want this paper to become a way that students of Kennesaw Mountain can connect socially. I hope this will become ‘a for the student by the student paper’ for which people can keep up with their community and their school.”

Ms.Aughey-  “I am so proud of these students for their vision turning into reality. Writing for a school newspaper looks great on your college applications. It is fun. You feel that you have a real stake and voice in your school. Long after you are gone, you have left a little piece of yourself behind.”