Women’s History Month

Womens History Month

Its women’s history month, and though there are many women we can talk about this in history today it’ll only be one, Naomi Osaka. 24 years old and Japanese tennis player surpassing all previous female legends Naomi is making history. At one point being the highest paid female athlete. Winning after award she has managed to stay true to herself and is an avid humanitarian raising awareness for problems people face across the world. Starting her own skincare line for people of color, speaking out about black and brown skin being an afterthought in the skincare community and lack of sun protection. She seemed unstoppable but not too long ago this woman on the rise decided to take a break, which shocked many. But Naomi was so bothered that she began to cry something she said wouldn’t normally happen, understandably so dealing with a stress that most athletes face.

This led to Naomi admitting to struggling with both depression and anxiety since 2018. It may not sound as important to you but for her to come out and say that she had to take care of herself first and “it’s okay to not be okay” was a big step. We seem to think that athletes and celebrities are invincible and they’re not. Naomi is bringing much needed attention to the world of mental illness in athlete, mental illness period. No voice is ever too little, no action is too small. Naomi might not have been the first and she defiantly won’t be the last, but we seem to be moving towards a world a little more forgiving to the “different”.

Society has been particularly hard on women, the way they look, dress, sound, act, critiquing there every move. Don’t downplay your strengths or struggles but it’s alright to need a break or need help, it’s always a feat to even be able to say it put loud. Most women that come out about their struggles are called crazy or just emotional, every woman that takes a stand is making a difference. Naomi Osaka is one of many strong young women making history.

Happy Women’s History Month! 




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