Rare Butterfly Making a Come-Back



On the peninsula known as Palos Verdes in Southern California, a butterfly named Palos Verdes blue, which is considered to be the rarest and most elusive butterfly on the planet, rests on a leaf. The beauty of this butterfly can only be seen when they open their wings. The wings are distinctive when closed because of their silver-blue color on the outside. The butterfly was said to have been extinct in the 1980s due to their habitat being destroyed, so people stated that the butterfly left without leaving a trace. It wasn’t till the 1990s that the butterfly was rediscovered, surprising and delighting biologists to see the rare butterfly once again. Currently, they are trying to reintroduce the butterfly to the peninsula, with the captive breeding that biologists are using helping to increase the numbers of the rare butterfly’s population; sadly, the population is still low to the point that it is still on the endangered list. However, the Palos Verdes blue butterfly still has a chance to return to a normal population, and can hopefully return to living freely on the Palos Verdes peninsula in Southern California for everyone to enjoy its beauty.