K-Side Kanines

Students Volunteering with Road Trip Home
Jessie Thomas(left), Vi Vu(middle), Emerson Llewallyn(right)

Kennesaw Mountain’s K-Side Kanines recently embarked (yes pun intended) on its first volunteer opportunity for students to help with the organization “Road Trip Home”. Their nonprofit mission is to rescue stray dogs all around the area and transport them to northern states in search of better homes. Unlike Georgia, places such as Connecticut and Maine do not have many strays, so they are always eager to take in a few of our furry friends. Students experienced a hands-on interaction with the dogs, walking, holding, feeding and medicating them all in preparation for their long journey. Once the dogs, big and small, young and old were safely loaded on the van, they were sent off to find their forever homes. This was possible all with a little help from our very own K-Side Kanines.