The Revival of Quill and Scroll

In 2018, the Quill and Scroll chapter of Kennesaw Mountain High School was approved for the upcoming school year. Since Quill and Scroll is an honors society designed to promote student journalism and recognize talented young writers, the club looked to be a promising addition to the school’s roster. It would be perfect for those looking to expand and celebrate their skills as writers.

In 2019, the club’s sponsor, Dr. Aughey, informed her American Studies class that the club had not yet been set up. Quill and Scroll was a brand new car sitting in storage: purchased, ready to use, but never utilized to its fullest extent. She informed her class that she was seeking officers; anyone interested in the club should speak with her for more details.

Curious and looking to be more involved in writing affairs around the school, I approached her during the infamous cup-stacking activity that served as an introduction to the class. I wasn’t expecting much; after all, I had failed to get involved in writing activities around the school before then due to schedule conflicts. However, to my great surprise, I was given the role of club president for the 2019-2020 school year.

So, as the main representative of Quill and Scroll, I find this to be a perfect opportunity to introduce and advertise the club to the students of Kennesaw Mountain High School.

The Quill and Scroll organization has existed for 93 years. Established in 1926 to honor the age-old practice of scholastic journalism, the club has worked to provide scholarships, meeting places, and publication opportunities for its members. Other scholastic media organizations work to provide means of distribution for student work, but Quill and Scroll specifically focuses on individual students’ voices. Members’ contributions are valued even on a national level – the club’s Student Advisory Board specifically works to promote journalism through specialized projects performed by its student members. Georgia boasts an impressive set of contributors on this council; members Caylee Cicero and Emalee Weeks both hail from the Peach State.

On a school level, the club will focus on two main activities: Quill and Scroll contests and volunteer work around the school. An impressive organization for any college application, the club’s contests provide opportunities for students to showcase their work. Involvement in Quill and Scroll specifically gives students the chance for their work to be officially published. For volunteer work, students will be working in the KMHS Writing Center, assisting students around the school with revising and editing their works.

To get involved in this shining opportunity to showcase your writing, assist other students, and sweep up a few scholarships along the way, keep up with the Quill and Scroll progress as we set up the club this school year. Official applications are currently being developed. Meetings will occur once a month, and an official initiation ceremony will take place some time in the spring. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the club’s sponsor, Dr. Aughey ([email protected]), or email the club officers directly at [email protected]