Ever since 2017, President Trump’s campaign has been the subject of an intense investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller. The Mueller Investigation, as it is commonly known, has been trying to discern the extent of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 campaign, if Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia, and if President Trump obstructed justice to hide the truth. The final report for this investigation just came out, and it is a page turner. 400 pages, to be exact.

The four-paged summary everyone heard of the report came from our Attorney General, William Barr, who was appointed by President Trump this year to replace Jeff Sessions. According to Barr’s summary, Russia committed multiple cyber crimes against the United States during the election, no collusion was found between the Trump campaign and Russia despite numerous Russian attempts to make contact with the campaign, and President Trump had not been found guilty of obstruction but was also not exonerated from it.

However, the original report says that the investigation could not conclusively prove whether or not any members of the Trump campaign tried to coordinate with Russia.