The Taylor Swift Experience


A concert is so much more than just watching your favorite artist jam out on stage – it’s an experience. I consider myself something of a concert connoisseur, and thanks to, a service that provides school newspapers with concert tickets, I had the opportunity to add Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour under my belt. I’ve seen rock and pop, I’ve seen indoor and outdoor, but I have never seen a show like Taylor Swift’s.

Honestly, someone would have to make a deliberate effort not to enjoy this concert. First of all, there is no such thing as a bad seat. At general admission concerts, you have to get there approximately 25 years early to get a spot at the front or muscle your way through bodies. Seeing Taylor Swift in a monumental stadium allows you a front-row experience no matter where you are. If you’re closer to the front, great. You can get a good view and feel like you’re hanging out with Tay-Tay. If you’re further back, no problem. Giant screens help you see everything and you get a panoramic view of the stadium. No matter where you sit, you will never complain about a bad view.

Let’s talk dress code at a Taylor Swift concert. Usually, the unspoken rule is that at a concert, you wear what the music makes you feel. In the Reputation tour, the audience takes this and amplifies it tenfold. The outfits reflect the multiplicity of Taylor’s musical tones; some people are in leather and dark lipstick, others are wearing t-shirts and flower crowns. The unique part is the people who have taken the time to recreate Taylor’s outfits from music videos or previous tours. You won’t find audience members dressed as ballerinas, wearing gowns, or rocking leotards anywhere else.

There is a real sense of unity watching Taylor Swift perform. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to a concert and being unable to sing along and feeling a disconnection from the rest of the audience. In the Reputation Tour, there is always a song to sing or dance your heart out to. Everyone knows what song is coming up after hearing the opening notes. This sense is only accentuated by the phenomenal technology on stage and on every person. Each audience member was given a light-up wristband that flashed along to the beat or shifted with the mood of the song. Every piece of the concert brought people together.

Seeing Taylor Swift on the Reputation Tour was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. She is a phenomenal performer who knows how to put on a show. Through countless outfit changes and moving from one side of the stadium to another, she knows how to work a crowd. I will forever compare every concert after to seeing her, considering its intricate production and audience energy. The setting, audience, and emotion are unlike anything else.