Get Hype with the Kilt Squad


Are you stressed to the max and it isn’t even three months into the year yet? Of course, stressing out over all school work is appropriate but it’s important to understand that you do have a life outside of school. While it may not seem like it with all the school work and studying you have to do, you need a break every now and then – why not enjoy going to the football games?

The Kilt Squad are the best at getting the Student Section hype. It is a rite of passage to go to a home game and jump on those bleachers. Dance to the beat, scream and cheer, and get into the school spirit. Even if you might not necessarily enjoy or understand football, the student section is at KMHS is one of the best. Every Friday Night, it’s packed with students jumping and cheering to loud music, hyped up by the Kilt Squad. The KMHS Student Section was even recognized for being the Top Student Section and the Most Positive Student Section. Who wouldn’t want to join in on this? It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know the words to the song or how the game works, being in that crowd jumping and screaming for our football team has the uncanny ability to release all stress and it unifies the student body.

If you’re feeling stressed out or down, come out to a football game and get crazy with the Kilt Squad.