7 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Feed


1.     Pick a grid layout

A grid layout is how your posts are positioned in your feed, helping you create an order of your posts.

2.     Choose a theme

This theme reflects your personality. Some examples could be a dark, white, orange/vintage, tropical, colorful, minimal.

3.     Select a topic

Pick what you want your content to be about. Maybe a hobby or something you like. It should relate to your theme.

4.     Pick one filter and stick with it

This will create a flow and consistency between posts. Some helpful editing resources: VSCO, PicMonkey, Afterlight, Adobe, Instragram.

5.     Create an order in between posts

Rearranging posts will create variety and will make your feed flow. Your goal is to make your posts “look nice” next to each other.

6.     Color coordinate

Pick two or three colors to always have present in your pictures. Make sure these colors look good with each other and create a satisfying effect.

7.     High quality

To achieve a higher quality of the picture, use natural light- sunrise and sunset (“Golden hour”). Make sure the picture isn’t blurry either. Having good quality will transmit a more professional effect and will look more inviting.

Always be genuine! Reflect your personality throughout your feed and have fun!