Night Shopping


So it’s Saturday night, and if you’re actually cool and popular…I’m sure you’re out. However, if you’re anything like me, you’re sitting on your couch watching your third episode of Gossip Girl and have decided you’re barricaded for the night. There is no hope for interaction with the outside world. This happens to be the very point of rock bottom that you have to get up and do something!

We’re talking about wasting your money with no one around to judge, especially by the ‘do something’ folks! And the solution, you ask? Saturday night shopping. Almost every Saturday night, my mom and I hop in my our 2006 Honda Civic aka the “party van” like clockwork. We turn on the radio to hear Lucid Dreams playing for the 12 millionth time, and roll up to Target or Kohls at 9:30.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s so different shopping at night than shopping during the day?” Fair enough, not that much… minus the fact that no one is at the store! Yes, maybe you’ll see a grandma looking for cheap deals or some college girls who are drinking Starbucks in the dog food section, but other than that… the store is yours!

Owning Target till they close at 11 is a special kind of feeling. If I spot anyone in the clearance section, I will ask myself, “What are these people doing here in my store?” In my clearance!

Evening shopping might not be as thrilling as any party, date, or sleepover, you most likely had planned for your Saturday. However, maybe next weekend, I won’t be the only person wandering the aisles.