The High School Recess Plan

Georgia high schools provide a great environment for teenagers to learn and socialize with other kids their age, but students tend to get exhausted and stressed by the workload of their classes.

In an article titled “The Science of Taking a Break,” stated “many studies have found that pausing for a moment to relax and reboot is essential for achieving productivity, success, and a positive outlook on the future.”

The High School Recess Plan

A system should be devised to give students time to regenerate and finish assignments. The High School Recess Plan would give students an hour to catch up on late/upcoming assignments or to use it for a period of rest.

I struggle with staying on track with school assignments and balancing a sport and job. There is never enough time to finish the important things for school to keep my grade at its best.

Judy Willis, a fifth grade teacher, offered her thought in “The Science of Taking a Break.”

“For students to learn at their highest potential, their brains need to send signals efficiently from the sensory receptors (what they hear, see, touch, read, imagine, and experience) to memory storage regions of the brain,” said Willis.

What a Break Could Look Like

Montpelier High School, in Vermont, implemented a 15-minute daily recess with positive results. Students can take a catnap, stretch, check their phone, play Frisbee, or jog around the school between the two afternoon classes. Students can suggest an activity or lead one. Here are some of the breaks that students have enjoyed: knitting, meditation, theater improvisation, yoga, frisbee, soccer, board games, jam band, graffiti art board, 15-minute workout, basketball, “walk + talk” (taking a walk on the school grounds). Teachers and students report that they feel more energized for the last class of the day and they have built a close school community.

We Need a Break!

Students have trouble balancing homework, tests, sports, early mornings, and jobs without a break. Getting a break during the school day would better enhance grades, GPAs, and overall work ethic. Teachers would see an improvement in the students’ participation as well. Breaking between lessons gives the student a chance to digest what they just learned and better understand it. Overall, breaks are needed especially for high school-aged students who desire the rest and time.