Saving Nemo


Coral reefs are underwater structures that provide a habitat for thousands of marine animals, clown fish included. Since “Finding Nemo” was released in theaters in 2003, the demand for clown fish has increased. This demand has caused this already threatened species to be threatened even further, because the fish are plucked from their habitat on the reefs to become someone’s pet. Saving Nemo is an organization that breeds clown fish to help decrease the amount of fish being taken from the coral reefs. The organization involves schools in Australia to teach children about marine life and specifically how clown fish behave, breed, and grow. In an article from CNN News, 11 year-old Imogen Everson states, “We breed them so we can give them to people who want clown fish. So they don’t have to take them out of the wild.” With global warming becoming worse every year, Saving Nemo’s contribution to saving the coral reef ecosystem is just one example of the many efforts around the world to combat not only mass animal extinction, but climate change in general.