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The Truth about Out-of-State Colleges

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The Zell Miller and Hope Scholarships give thousands of Georgia residents opportunities to continue their academic careers in Georgia colleges each year. The financial aid is immense, and with exceptional schools like the University of Georgia, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, and Kennesaw State University at our dispense, it can be hard to recognize out-of-state schools as viable, cost-efficient options. However, if you envision yourself eventually traveling outside of Georgia for college, not all hope is lost (pun intended). In fact, there are hundreds of colleges that offer a variety of merit and need-based scholarships for all kinds of students.

Many state schools are now offering large scholarships based on students’ GPA and SAT or ACT scores. A student with a 33-36 ACT or 1490-1600 SAT score and a minimum GPA of 3.5 can receive up to $72,000 from Auburn University, $100,000 from The University of Alabama, and $60,000 from Clemson University. This system of merit awards accounts for a spectrum of GPA and test score levels, generally increasing in the amount awarded as the student’s GPA or test scores increase. Magnet students: email your final research papers to out-of-state school undergraduate admissions offices. You could be offered an undergraduate research position or scholarship.

If you don’t get the amount of money you need to go out-of-state, call and email the office of undergraduate admissions inquiring about an appeal to your financial aid offer. Talk to the school about your accomplishments in high school and the other merit aid offers you’ve received from competitive colleges. Discuss your reservations about venturing out-of-state with opportunities like Zell Miller and Hope at home. Aid appeals make a difference, especially when you take the time to express your concerns in a logical and respectful way. The reality of making out-of-state happen is contingent on your willingness to go all-in with colleges, applying to a wide range of state and private schools that are just under your academic abilities and appealing any aid offers that just aren’t enough to cover what you need.

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Libby Kunst, Student Life Editor
Libby Kunst is a senior in the KMHS magnet program. She attended the Governor’s Honors Program for communicative arts in 2017 and is published in the teen literary magazine “Teen Ink”.  Libby enjoys playing the viola, writing poetry, watching sad movies, and reading works by George Saunders. She is hoping to attend college for neuroscience next fall....
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