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Are We the Revolution?

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Our generation gets a lot of negative things said about us. By definition, Generation Z are those who were born in 1996 and years later. We are the generation who is “self-absorbed”, “lazy and unaware”,  “Addicted to phones”, and we have Jake Paul.  I’m not here to argue whether these are true or not, but to point out that as a whole, we are a generation of change, and quite possibly a revolution.

Teen Pregnancy has been cut in half since the 1950’s. Smoking has dropped by 50%, and only 7% of teenagers currently smoke. The abuse and the availibility of drugs has been in drastic decline. Searches of porn have been reduced by half in just ten years. The average IQ score has seen a dramatic increase, due to our ability to process symbols. The high school dropout rate in half of what it was in the 70’s. Yet Gen-z seems to keep getting backlash from previous generations.

In the late 60’s early 70’s, the young of people of that time rose up to and fought, protested, and marched in the Peace Movement. The Peace Movement swept through the nation uniting many teenagers and young adults, and they demanded answers and voices demanded change. The momentum and the power of young people brought back soldiers from the Vietnam war, and brought forth the impeachment of President Nixon. The power of the young people brought a revolution to the nation.

In the past few months, our generation (gen-z), has come together and demanded change. After the Parkland shooting, a lot of teenagers and young adults have come together all cross the nation. Many students participated in a school walkout on March 14th commemorating the 17 lives lost at Parkland High School. Soon after, on March 24th, the #MarchForOurLives protest was also held across the nation as well. A large number of students have come together just recently, and they are also demanding change, and demanding their voices to be heard.

There has been quite a change in teenagers now, and teenagers 10-20 years ago. Several teachers can attest that students now, are way more socially aware. Mr. Woodall, Co-department chair of ELA believes that social media and connectivity has definitely caused this new awareness in teenagers. He however, does argue that social media, and our current use of technology, for some people, has become an addiction. For those students that want to continue their post-secondary education, Mr. Woodall says he was “lame,” in comparison to what students nowadays are doing. Whether students do innate or if it’s due to competition to get in college, he sees that students are working harder, a doing more in clubs, sports, etc. in order to continue their education more affordably.

Gen-z isn’t perfect. We complain a lot about snapchat, and we think we are good multitaskers. But hey at least we didn’t ruin the economy. United we have a lot of power, and recently, teenagers have been pushing for a lot change. We may bring a revolution in our nation.

We are Gen-Z.


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Are We the Revolution?