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On February 14, 2018, the mass shooting of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida rattled the nation. This tragedy awakened many of the schools across America. Schools have always had a plan in case of an emergency and schools across America implement evacuation drills for events like tornadoes, fires, and other weather emergencies. But with this unfortunate yet common tragedy, schools have now begun to enforce newer plans of action in preparation of an event like the Parkland shooting.

All of Kennesaw Mountain Faculty and Staff want students to feel safe at school. Students’ education is very important and safety is a priority in ensuring students are uninterrupted during instruction.

Currently, Kennesaw Mountain High School is a tester school for a new security systems. Although the system can have its malfunctions, it is one of the fastest ways in alerting the presence of a school shooter and insuring students are safely secured in their classrooms. Both students and teachers know the correct procedure for lock down drills and in reacting quickly and quietly, more lives can be saved. Stricter rules are being implemented concerning entrances and doors, with all exterior doors remaining locked and all classroom doors kept closed and locked at all times in an effort to minimize any possible interference during the school day.


But like Dr. Trach said – administration needs the help and cooperation of the student body. Students are more likely to be in the know of anything occurring minutes or hours before any school employ does. In the era of social media, we are more connected than ever, and everyone can know just about anything in the span of milliseconds. This accelerated spread of information can serve as an advantage in maintaining security here at the Mountain.

If you see something, please say something. Anything and everything you say is 100% confidential. You can talk to any one of the schools trusted adults. Those adults now have a decorated door, so they are easier to find and easier to reach out to. But you can talk to anyone. Reach out to one of our counselors, coaches, your favorite teachers, custodians, or administrator. Talk to any Faculty or Staff member if you have any questions at all regarding the school’s safety procedure, or if you just need to talk. Be The Plan.

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