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The Prom Experience

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On March 10th, hundreds of students all gathered at Opera Clubhouse for you guessed it, prom night. That’s right ladies and gentleman, Prom is officially over and off the radar. The stress of finding the perfect dress (and perfect date) is finally over and we can all go back to enjoying the remainder of the semester. With that being said, the night was filled with dancing, music, and incredible guest performances.

When I first walked into Opera, I immediately took notice to the huge dance floor and the second floor of the club. Bright lights were flashing and I could feel my feet vibrating from the music. The DJ made sure to play ALL types of music, from Bodak Yellow to Super Bass, everyone met on the dance floor and danced the night away.

Throughout the night, different acts came on stage to give the people what we paid for. First, two acrobats came out and shocked the crowd as they balanced on the just the curtain of the stage. An hour later, three fire performers appeared on stage and let’s just say, things got HOT. They not only held onto sticks and hoops covered in fire, but managed to dance while holding it. These performances without a doubt made the night extra special and kept everyones attention.

The night couldn’t end without finally announcing the junior class favorites (Ryland Goede and Kyndall Hudson) and the prom king and queen. The crowd became ecstatic and people began shouting out the names of their friends on stage. Anxiousness filled the room, but finally our winners were announced. Congratulations to seniors, Jordan Richards and Jaiya Brown for winning prom king and queen.

The night had (sadly) come to an end. Most of us were outside the venue waiting for our Uber and party busses. During that time it hit me that this was our last big senior milestone. Looking back at my prom night, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. “I think I’ll always look back at prom night as one of the best nights of my life. My one complaint is that the DJ didn’t play any slow songs at all.” Says senior, Jada Ford. All in all, this year’s prom was one for the books. Let’s see how Kennesaw will top this in 2019!

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The Prom Experience