Kennesaw Mountain High School Partners with Project Chimps


Kennesaw Mountain High School is proud announce a partnership with Project Chimps. Project Chimps is nonprofit organization, founded in 2014, that provides lifelong care to former research chimpanzees at its 236-acre forested sanctuary. Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Georgia, the sanctuary will eventually house up to 300 chimpanzees. Pioneered by our esteemed principal, Dr. Mark Trachtenbroit, and the Triple Play class under Dr. Joanne Jezequel, KMHS has committed to raising money to sponsor the thirty chimps currently housed at the sanctuary for one year, with the minimum goal starting at approximately $5,500 dollars.

With this unique partnership, Kennesaw Mountain students have been graciously granted unprecedented access to the facility and the wonderful work they do. Students have the opportunity to see firsthand the ethical consequences of biomedical research and the implications and importance of environmental stewardship.

While the current fundraising goals seem unattainable, every penny is completely worth it! Donations can be made at any home football games, look for the jars decked out for “Chimp Change” and in room 626, which is Dr. J’s classroom on the top floor in the 600s building, right across from the Culinary classroom. If you can’t make any monetary donations at the moment, not to fret—Project Chimps is also accepting stuffed animals, old newspapers, and old blankets.

When asked what inspired him to start this club, Dr. Jezequel commented, ” [He] came to us talking about how enlightened he was by the work they were doing at Project Chimps and I just thought it was a really good opportunity to work in our community and build connections with other people outside the school and raise awareness.”

Dr. Trachtenbroit said, “I think outreach is one of the most important parts, not only learning in classrooms but doing hands on work is such a good way to learn more about potential careers, while also getting to know the people…that are actually in the community.”