Women Are Worthy Show


Throughout the past decades, we have seen a shift in diversity throughout the media for underrepresented groups to have a stronger platform for their voices. The Women Are Worthy Show, hosted by Jacqlyn Charles, is a Cobb-based show that is aimed at promoting sisterhood and giving marginalized people (with an emphasis on women) a platform for their voices. The Women Are Worthy Movement started in 2012 and has transformed into multiple forms of media, including radio and television. The host of the show and self-described life transformational expert Jacqlyn Charles wins her audience over with an upbeat and energetic personality. Committed to engaging the community and breaking barriers in new ways, Jacqlyn left corporate America to dedicate herself to the movement. The host of the show was once homeless but has since found happiness through empowering women with a platform in the form of her show. The movement is the epitome of putting others before yourself, and Jacqlyn As a production assistant, I had the privilege of seeing firsthand the positive effects the show has on the community, like the relationship it has helped strengthen between the law enforcement of our community and its citizens. Jacqlyn Charles is heavily involved with both the Kennesaw and Acworth police departments and is partnered with their program, “Behind the Badge”, which allows viewers to have a deeper look at their police departments from the inside. The show brings the best parts of our own community to light and aims to promote people and groups that would otherwise go unrecognized. Mrs. Jacqlyn hopes to use her show to, “Use media and communication platforms, and storytelling messaging to acknowledge, showcase, and expand the influence people, professions, and circumstances have on empowering individuals worldwide”. The Women Are Worthy show airs on Mondays from 7-8 PM on Facebook Live and previously recorded shows can be found on Youtube.