I <3 New York - HOCO 2017

Kennesaw Mountain students walked through the looming Brooklyn Bridge gates, with strand lights illuminating the decorated street-walk. A café served elegant gowns and handsome suits coffee and pastries, shielding from the chilly breeze that graced the dancefloor. For a night it seemed as though we congregated in New York City – but Monday came, and our streets and corner stores were transformed back into the courtyard.

One night each year, our school embraces an environment of no boundaries: students who have never talked to each other before will share a dance, people will shrug off poorly-executed dance moves, girls will share heart-to-hearts about their aching feet. And we have this unity because of the members of the Art Club and Mane Link who worked so hard to create a night of “who cares”. Who cares what grade you’re in, what you plan to do after this, even what you plan to do after high school? The creators – Jenna Biggins, Junior Class President, Sophie Glass, Art Club President, Halli Watson, Junior Class Vice President, and many more – made sure to provide a dance that allowed for everyone to have fun and make long-lasting memories.

Our beautiful night closed with the amazing women that represent KMHS in a way that all of us agreed deserved recognition. Class favorites Lanie Cantrell, Olivia White, Bella Hart, and Olivia Seabaugh led the final march of the homecoming court, paving the way to the center of the floor for our homecoming queen, Bailey McGovern’s, dance to this year’s song “Your Song” by Elton John.

I Love New York was an evening that exuded beauty from both its décor and attendees, and really ended as a night to remember. This one’s going to be tough to match. Good Luck, Class of 2019!