Dressing in Spirit for Homecoming Spirit Week


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, I’m not talking about the fast approaching holidays that will soon be upon us – I’m talking about Homecoming! Homecoming is just around the corner and as per tradition, Homecoming Spirit Week begins the Monday before the game. While it might be difficult to figure out what to do such as what to wear and how crazy and all out to go for this once in a year (at least for underclassmen and juniors) opportunity to display your school spirit in ‘dress out of dress code’ way.

Here’s everything you need to know about Homecoming Spirit Week and some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Starting off the week, we have Pajama / Flannel Day. It’s a great way to sleep in even more before getting to school – no need to stop and pick out clothes when you’re already wearing them. You can either opt for a casual shirt and shorts or go all out with a pajama set and maybe even bringing a pillow and blanket. Do try to keep in mind you’d have to carry said pillow and blanket if you bring them and that a hoodie and leggings still counts as pajamas. If you’re feeling the need to really go all out – wear a onesie. Walmart or Party City usually have onesies for sale, and with the Halloween season already beginning, there’s sure to be a great variety to select from.

All with the alliterations, Tuesday is Tacky Tourist Tuesday.  If you haven’t thought of planning ahead for an outfit, just take a few minutes shopping in your dad’s closet for the tackiest shirt – Hawaiian or tropical shirts are the best with their bright colors and whatnot, you can even don a lei to tie it all together. Pair that with some khaki shorts, a straw hat or a visor, and the dreaded ‘socks and sandals’ combo, and you’re ready to ‘tour’ the school! Props are cool to have and help amp up the cheesiness of your outfit – maybe bring a camera or a map, wear a fanny pack, or have some sunscreen on your nose. If all else fails, hit up a Dollar General quick – they open at 8 – for a lei or hat and maybe a Hawaiian shirt. While Walmart opens earlier and would be the safe and timely bet, simple props and a Hawaiian shirt might cost more than $15.

Come in on Wednesday reppin’ your favorite athlete, team, or college. A few suggestions for outfits might include maybe a varsity jacket, a prop like a football or soccer ball, or for you gals out there, dress comfortably in your jersey with some leggings and converse and you’re set for the day. Though, try not to pick any fights with any of the rival fans you may have. If you don’t have any college or jersey gear, ask your parents or your friends or instead of wearing gear, dress in your team’s or college’s colors. I wouldn’t exactly recommend trying to buy any sports merch for a one time use.

Kick it back old school and throw it back this Thursday with our Decades Day. Any decade – think up of all the fashion trends and it works. You might even be able to throw together an outfit of all the decades. Just doing a simple google search offers a slew of great ideas, and some outfits – such as a leather jacket and white shirt – are really simple to put together. You could even channel some movie characters like the Breakfast Club or the Scooby Doo Gang. Don’t forget that while the clothes are what make the look, hair and makeup complete it. If you don’t have anything at all, then it’s totally fine – you could always just go as the 2010’s. Last minute decisions could lead you to Party City, however.

And to finish off Spirit Week we have Freedom Friday! Get your America on and let’s party in the USA. Feel free to go all out – paint up or don a tutu and show just how patriotic you can be. A morph suit is the easiest way to show off your patriotic spirit. Maybe coordinate an outfit with two other friends – either as the flag altogether or with different colors and the letters USA on the back. You can keep it simple and dress in red, white, and blue or go all out with bringing a flag – though, keep in mind that while it’s not stated in the dress code, teachers can confiscate it if it becomes a distraction.

Don’t forget that it’s a Greek Out for the Homecoming Game – make sure to wear your togas and don’t forget to bundle up (fall’s here and it might be cold). Be there at 7:30 as we take on the Marietta Blue Devils.