Mustang Celebrations

Hundreds of Special Needs Students Converge on KMHS for Dancing, Sports, and Contests


Meredith Johns , News Editor

Kennesaw Mountain is the proud home of many traditions. From Shop With a Mustang to having the most spirited student section at football games, Kennesaw Mountain’s student body is known for going all out in every event. This year’s Special Education Dance was no different. The Special Education Dance was themed to reflect the time of the year and our school pride. The Marty Gras Dance served as homage to our mascot, Marty the Mustang, and reminded all our guests of the Mardi Gras party season.

In preparation for our 800 special guests from across Cobb County who would be attending the dance, students and volunteers from local organizations put in hundreds of hours setting up decorations, cheering in schools, and dancing with our guests. Many of these guests have been coming to the Dance throughout their middle school and high school experience, and these special education students look ¬†forward to the event all year. This is reminiscent of Kennesaw Mountain’s volunteers’ experiences as well. Student Body President Archelle Thelemaque said of the dance, “I’ve seen some of the same kids since freshman year and seeing them grow up with me (is great). We make them a part of the student body, and it’s not something that really happens for these kids.” The dance is an opportunity for every student at KMHS to contribute to the Mustang legacy, but even more importantly, it is an opportunity to connect with truly special guests.

Impacting a similar community, Kennesaw Mountain came together this year to host two Special Education Field Days for Cobb County’s Special Education Middle School and High School students. These field days were the result of the Mustang community working together as athletic teams, service organizations, and academic groups all donated their time and¬†efforts to organizing successful field days/ The field day hosted hundreds of special education students across Cobb County and allowed to to connect with Kennesaw Mountain students in myriad ways. Different events of the day included volleyball, bowling, hula hooping, and other interactive stations. These field days give KMHS students and our special guests a chance to be active, make new friends and just have fun.